De Von Jackson, M.D. Ministries, Inc - The Heavenly Mandate: "Tell People About My Son."
Mission Statement
To fulfill the Heavenly Mandate:  "Tell People About My Son" and to pursue Charitable and Benevolent opportunities to care for the whole man--body, soul and spirit.  We seek to serve the poor, the sick, the hurting and the less fortunate in our world.
The Vision
The Vision of De Von Jackson, M.D. Ministries unfolds through Four Areas of Focus:
  • Actively and pro-actively spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through seeking avenues for Evangelistic Teaching and Preaching the Word of God.
  • Maximizing the distribution of Bibles and Christian literature--including original written works such as books, Bible study notes, leadership training manuals, workbooks and syllabi.
  • Utilizing Media for Sharing Christ--including Radio, Television, Internet, Social Media, etc.  Further, De Von Jackson, M.D. Ministries will serve as the parent organization for the Media Ministry entitled “Your Divine Appointment.”
  • Supporting and/or establishing Medical Clinics and Hospitals, focused on the provision of medical care for the poor and under-privileged, both domestically and internationally. Thus, improving access to care for the under-served.
  • Providing medical equipment, supplies, medications, personnel and monetary support to medical humanitarian outreaches in the United States and abroad. 
  • Delivering medical care through said outreaches, utilizing relationships with medical professionals and missionaries/workers.

  • Providing assistance to socio-economically disadvantaged persons in their pursuit of education.  
  • Scholarships for post-high school studies, including Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral levels.  Available for secular or Biblical education and open to students of all ages. 
  • Aid or support for students may include, but not limited to:  tutoring, career planning assistance, workplace exposure, access to guided tours of educational institutions and their services/opportunities, etc.  
  • Sharing charitable support, acts of goodwill and kindness or crisis aid to persons with urgent needs.
  • Providing assistance including, but not limited to:  food, clothing, housing or other help as indicated by need.
  • Focusing on persons or families with crisis situations, who need a temporary “hand-up” as they transition to stability and self-sustenance.