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This exciting section of our website is designed to make Biblical learning fun and easy through using a Bible Game Format. Below you will find  Quizzes to test your knowledge of a broad spectrum of Biblical topics--using matching, fill-in-the-blank, true/false and multiple choice configurations.

Feel free to use these Quizzes for personal enrichment or for Group Interactions, such as family devotions, small group studies, Sunday School classes, etc.  Please download each Quiz then download, or simply "click and open" the Answer Key to check your answers.

Please check back often as new Quizzes are added at various times.

Ready for the challenge? 

                          Key Terms in The Bible (Part 1)
 I.  Please match definition or principle on the right to words on the left:

 ____ Grace                          A.  To Purchase or Buy Back
 ____ Mercy                         B.  Restored  Relationship
 ____ Redemption               C.  Not Receiving what is deserved
 ____Sanctification              D.  God’s undeserved Favor
                                                         (Receiving what is not deserved)
 ____Justification                E.   Means “To Immerse"
 ____Reconciliation             F.  Right Standing with God
____Baptize                         G.  Set Apart unto God

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